Welcome to Rayuwa Foundation

Rayuwa foundation is a non-profit organization in Ghana working with marginalized communities to empower them, eradicate violence and promote community well-being.


Peer Counselling & Mentoring Program

The community peer counseling training utilizes the influence youth and young adults have on each other to impact positive behavioural changes in them.

Child Protection

According to research, children who experience episodes of violence are at higher risk of becoming future perpetrators of violence and may suffer severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or shut from society if care and support is not made available to heal from their trauma.

Economic Empowerment

Rayuwa foundation promotes economic empowerment through teaching financial literacy class and programs.

Communal Cohesion & Peace building

Rayuwa Foundation promotes communal cohesion & peace through diverse approaches which includes incorporating healthy communal values in its training curriculum.

Parents & Guardian Engagement

Rayuwa foundation leverages on the relationship established with parents and guardians of trainees or participants to provide feedbacks to parents/guardian whose child require some special attention.

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